FLEXWATT INDUSTRIAL SALES: A legacy of service and quality

Flexwatt Industrial Sales was formed in 1988 as the industrial products distribution arm of Flexwatt Corporation, the developer and patent holder of its unique low intensity printed circuit heating element.  Today the products, patents and proprietary production technology are owned by Calorique, LLC based in West Wareham Massachusetts.  Flexwatt Industrial Sales exclusively distributes Calorique's industrial heat application systems.  


What we do:

Work with equipment manufactruers (OEM's) and end-users to define requirements and devleop system configuration and components for: 


New construction industrial tanks destined for temperature-critical applications where sensitive chemicals or processes must be maintained within specific ranges. These applications are permanent in nature and typically will be insulated with a nominal two inch layer of rigid cellular urethane foam. 


Existing tank installations where unheated vessels are being converted to specialized temperature-sensitive applications. These applications also typically employ rigid foam insulation.


Chemical distributors and their customers who employ drums, pails and intermediate bulk containers (IBC's) in the distribution and handling of process and treatment chemicals. The usage characteristics of these tanks, drums and IBC totes do not lend themselves readily to permanent rigid foam. Heat systems for these applications consist of an insulated vinyl blanket in which we mount the heating elements and thermoswitch operating controls.  These are custom tailored for the specific vessel and are easily removed for transfer to another vessel or for off-season storage.


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